Waste disposal

The waste generated in the city of Kyiv is disposed of at the solid domestic waste landfill (SDW) No.5 located next to Pidhirtsi village and at the construction waste landfill No.6 located in the city of Kyiv. Annual waste disposal in Kyiv rates at about 650 thousand tons of waste. SDW landfill No.5 accounts for about 465 thousand tons of waste per year while landfill No. 6 annually hosts 195 thousand tons.

The renovation of the SDW landfill No. 5 has started in October 2018, the total cost of renovation works to exceed UAH 326 million, the financing to be drawn from Kyiv city municipal budget. The renovation tender was won by the Limited Liability Company “Construction company “Adamant””. Top priority renovation works include construction of a 270 m long retaining wall and reinforcement of dam No.2 to secure possible leachate spill outside the landfill territory.

Completing these works will allow to minimize the emergency risks, to further stop the waste disposal within the first landfill plot and start recultivating it (click here to watch the presentation on the recultivation project).

The other works contemplated within the project include renovation works at the first plot dam, insulating the premises of the leachate treatment station, upgrading the landfill pump units. Kyiv City Municipal Administration adopted its resolution No. №08/231-3054/ПР in September 2018 to deal with additional measures aimed at solving the problems related to operation and shutdown of the SWD landfill No. 5 located next to Pidhirtsy village in the Obukhiv area of Kyiv region. The landfill will be shut down completely after the recultivation works scheduled within 2019-2021 are performed (click here to watch the landfill shutdown presentation). By that time the city of Kiev anticipates to have the new waste treatment plant fully constructed, its capacity to ensure that the waste quantities treated therein are similar to those currently disposed of at the SWD landfill No.5.

Rates charged for waste disposal services rendered by «Kyivspetstrans» PJSC as of 01.09.2018

Type of waste

Service unit

Rate charges breakdown per service unit and type of customers, UAH including VAT

Legal documents establishing the rate


State-owned and municipal entities

Other customers

Solid domestic waste

1 ton




Resolution of the National Regulatory Commission for Energy and Public Utilities Service No. 553 dated 21.06.2018

3-rd and 4-th ratehazardous industrial waste

1 ton




Order of «Kyivspetstrans» PJSC No. 110 dated 29.08.2018

Bulky waste

1 cub. v.




 Resolution of Kyiv City Municipal Administration No.397 dated 02.06.2010

Construction waste

1 cub. m.




 Order of «Kyivspetstrans» PJSC No. 42 dated 20.03.2018