Waste treatment

The shareholders of «Kyivspetstrans» PJSC have addressed Kyiv City Municipal Administration in July 2018 proposing to initiate the construction of a waste treatment plant of 450 thousand tons annual capacity to assure the due treatment of all the waste hosted as of yet at the landfill No. 5 located next to Kyiv. This, in turn, will allow to proceed with the landfill complete shutdown.

On 8 October 2018 the permanent commission of Kyiv City Council for public utilites and the fuel-and-energy sector considered the matters related to the construction of the waste treatment plant based on the capacities available from «Kyivspetstrans» PJSC and unanimously decided to instruct Kyiv City Municipal Administration to draft the relevant resolution to support the said project.

As of today, the management of «Kyivspetstrans» PJSC is actively seeking for contractors to develop the design for the construction of a modern European-type waste treatment plant based on a bio-mechanical technology with the annual waste treatment capacity of 450 thousand tons.