General information

Private Joint-Stock Company “Kyivspetstrans” is one of the leading market players in waste treatment sector in the city of Kyiv.

The company accounts for 45 years of experience in waste treatment services. It is the sole company in Kyiv to have succeeded getting duly licensed to exercise business activities related to domestic waste disposal (license No.1094 as the per the resolution of the National Regulatory Commission for Energy and Common Utilities Service dated 07 September 2017).

 «Kyivspetstrans» PJSC also operates the solid waste landfill No. 5 located next to Pidhirtsy village in the Obukhiv area of Kyiv region. It also operates a bulk waste and construction waste landfill No. 6 located at 94-96 Pyrohivskyy shlyakh in Kyiv.

The Company is active in collecting, transporting and disposal of the domestic waste, construction and bulky waste, as well as in disposing of the 3rd and 4th hazard category industrial waste. 

To ensure the high quality service it renders to clients «Kyivspetstrans» PJSC:

- employs over 250 of highly qualified and long-experienced staff;
- maintains vast depot of specialized equipment and machinery to collect, transport and dispose of the waste;
- maintains and operates its own container fleet;
- upkeeps its own technical/engineering plants to ensure the prompt repair of the specialized equipment and machinery.

«Kyivspetstrans» PJSC is fully committed to maintaining the high quality of all the services it renders its clients as well as to ensuring the ecologically safe waste treatment.